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Spotlight: Victoria Nyanjura

Victoria Nyanjura, an incredible woman with a story that shows the true meaning of both resilience and strength is taking on her next adventure as the new head of school for Saint Bakhita’s Vocational Training Center (SBVTC)! Victoria was only 14 years old when she, along with 30 other girls from her school, was kidnappedContinue reading “Spotlight: Victoria Nyanjura”

T.R.E.E.S. Go Fund Me Campaign

In January 2020, a Notre Dame student-led Go Fund Me raised over $45,000 to support the TREES Initiative (Teaching Reforestation & Entrepreneurial Empowerment @ Saint Bakhita), as a result of student work that came out of the Mendoza Innovation & Design Thinking course in Spring 2020.  This initiative addresses the Ugandan deforestation crisis by plantingContinue reading “T.R.E.E.S. Go Fund Me Campaign”

Remote Collaboration for spring Innovation and Design 2021 cohort

By Caroline O’Sullivan (’21) Throughout the Spring 2021 semester, 72 Notre Dame Innovation and Design Students, instructed by Professor Wendy Angst, worked with Saint Bakhita’s Vocational Training Center (SBVTC), an all-girls-vocational school in Northern Uganda. According to the United Nations, upward of 700,000 Ugandan girls between the ages of 6-12 have never attended school. EvenContinue reading “Remote Collaboration for spring Innovation and Design 2021 cohort”

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